• Time: 1-2 hours
  • General Anesthesia or Local Anesthesia


  • May return to work next day 


  • 2 weeks from heavy lifting and swimming


People who desire a lower eyelid procedure often do so because of the appearance of eye bags. The appearance of an eye bag is mostly age related from the fat protrusion under the lower eyelid. In the Asian population, however, even young people can have this problem. This look not only gives a premature aging appearance but also a tired, lack of sleep look that can affect the individual in social situations.



Like upper eyelid procedures, there are many approaches to lower lid surgery. Most of the techniques involving removing the excess fat that is herniated to reduce the baggy appearance. Whether the optimal procedure involving an incision on the outside to remove skin or an incision inside the eyelid should cater to individual’s anatomy and need.

Surgical approacheS




G, 59 year old, African American, New York, USA

G is a 59 year old lady who since childhood has been bothered by her puffy upper and lower eyelids. Her main concern was the baggy appearance under her lower lids, they often make her look tired and swollen as if she stayed up every night. After discussion and examining her skin, an approach inside the eyelid was done to avoid any incision on the skin outside. All the excess fat was taken out through the small incision. Notice the disappearance of her eyebags in all eye positions.





47, Russian/Israeli, Dental Office Manager, New York, USA

"I was very nervous when I arrived to my first consultation with Dr. Lao. I had never had plastic surgery before and didn't know what to expect. I explained to him that I wasn't interested in changing my appearance, but only in getting a "fresher" look. Dr Lao was very sweet and patient. He answered all of my questions in great detail, both during the consultation, as well as to the numerous emails I had sent him. After my surgery, Dr. Lao kept in touch with me daily- checking in to see how I was feeling and answering questions about post-op care. I am very happy with my results and am wholeheartedly recommending Dr. Lao to any prospective clients."

"הייתי לחוצה מאוד כשהגעתי להתייעצות הראשונה שלי עם ד"ר לאו. מעולם לא עברתי ניתוחים פלסטיים ולא ידעתי למה לצפות. הסברתי לו שאני לא מעוניינת לשנות את המראה שלי, אלא בלקבל מראה "טרי" יותר. ד"ר לאו היה מאוד נחמד וסבלני. הוא ענה על כל השאלות שלי בפירוט רב, הן במהלך ההתייעצות, וגם למיילים הרבים ששלחתי לו. לאחר הניתוח שלי, ד"ר לאו שמר על קשר יומיומי איתי- הוא שלח לי הודעות כדי לראות איך אני מרגישה וענה על כל שאלה שהייתה לי בנוגע לטיפול שלאחר ניתוח. אני מאוד מרוצה עם התוצאות שלי ואני ממליצה על  ד"ר לאו בלב מלא! "

  "Когда я впервые пришла на консультацию с доктором Лао, я страшно волновалась и не знала чего ожидать от этой встречи . Я раньше никогда не прибегала к помощи пластической хирургии. Я объяснила доктору , что не заинтересованна в том , чтобы изменить свою внешность. Просто хочу более " свеженькое" лицо . Доктор Лао с огромным терпением и профессионализмом ответил на все мои вопросы и объяснил все в мельчайших подробностях . Он также  отвечал на мои emails . После операции он оставался со мной на связи и раз в несколько дней интересовался моим восстановлением и  отвечал на мои вопросы . Я довольна  результатом операции и от чистого сердца рекомендую доктора Лао  всем , кто хочет прибегнуть к помощи пластического хирурга "


D, 57, Caucasian, Retired Police Officer, Queens, USA

"I feel very blessed and fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet such a talented young Doctor. I am 57 year old female. In December 2014, I had a facial procedure done. My eyelids top & bottom and face was lifted. I am 100% satisfied with the results. People see me and they say I look 10 years younger. My confidence level is off the charts. I can't say enough about Dr. William Lao. He was kind, considerate, compassionate and caring. We had open communication through e-mails & telephone calls. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Lao, considering I interviewed 8 different plastic surgeons. Dr. Lao, is a graduate of John Hopkins Medical School which is one of the finest institutions in the world
Dr. Lao I will be forever grateful."


R, 58, Oil Company Officer, New York, USA

"I recently had a face, brow and neck lift with Dr. Lao and he did a fantastic job.  My friends all think I look great.  I have also recently received compliments on my appearance from people I see only on an occasional basis.  I think they know something is different about my appearance but can’t seem to figure out what it is.  I think this fact attests to the “natural” look Dr. Lao achieved.   

Dr. Lao is very personable and is a perfectionist but what I liked best about him is that he listened to what I wanted and we planned the surgery together.  I have already been asked for his contact info by several friends.  I would highly recommend him to anyone without hesitation."


M, 67, Retired Financial Officer, Asian, New York, USA

"I had an unbelievably positive experience with Dr. William Lao. From the moment I first walked into his clinic for my consultation I was given nothing less than his full attention, expertise and wealth of knowledge. He listened to my concerns and made me completely comfortable that I was in good hands. We exchanged over 100 Emails before/during/after my procedure, Dr. Lao always answer my emails promptly and he certainly has gone far above and beyond any standard as a physician. He is a true gentleman with high integrity as well as a wonderful Doctor.  I highly recommend Dr. William Lao to anyone who is considering cosmetic procedures.
5 Stars!!*:) happy"