• Time: 1-3 hours
  • General Anesthesia or Local Anesthesia


  • Ambulate the night of surgery
  • Shower 2 days after surgery 
  • 2 days off work


  • 6 weeks from heavy lifting and swimming


We understand the value of face to face conversations. Please contact us and we're happy to walk you through the procedure in person.


Nose is central to our face not only in terms of its anatomical location but also its aesthetic influence on the entire face. The outlook and shape of a nose can change the entire look of an individual. A nose that is out of proportion to the face and its surrounding facial features stands out and can be the focus of attention in a close distance conversation. Rhinoplasty procedure aims to change the nose shape. Whether it is too big, too small, crooked, or deformed, rhinoplasty’s goal is to remove those undesirable features and bring proportional harmony to the face.

Airway obstruction is also a common reason for people seeking rhinoplasty. If the obstruction is nasal in origin then combining rhinoplasty with septoplasty can effectively relieve the airway obstruction.



Every nose is different. And because every nose is different, techniques and approaches to each nose has to be individualized. Mainly two types of incisions are used: Open and Closed. Open rhinoplasty involves a small well-hidden incision on the skin of the underside of the nose and closed rhinoplasty hides the incision inside the nostrils. Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages, ie. no visible scar for a closed rhinoplasty but better surgery exposure in the open technique if extensive nasal tip work is required. Individuals interested in rhinoplasty should have an extensive conversation with the plastic surgeon to discuss what the best approach is relating to desired changes in the nose.

SURGical approacheS





V, Teenager, student, Caucasian, Queens, USA

"We are more than sad that you are leaving us Dr. Lao. I wish you the best because you are a very smart young man and a great surgeon. After God, you made my daughter's life very happy. You enhanced her beauty and self-esteem, and make me a happy mother again. I hope we keep in touch."


E, 23, Medical Student, African, Ghana

"Working with Dr. Lao was a great experience. He is the nicest doctor I have ever had. Very warm and friendly, like a good friend. Excellent bedside manner. And the doctor is so accessible, whenever I had a concern I would call or email him and he was always there for me. He makes you feel like he cares about you as a person, and not like you are just a patient. On the results, Dr. Lao's work was great, giving me a refined, pretty nose. My life has gotten significantly better, with higher self confidence and compliments on my looks. I would highly recommend Dr. Lao! "Dr. Lao oyaadi. Na ejwuma  ehu gi!" That is it in twi :) And the English translation is "Dr. Lao does exceptional work. He did a fine job."


S, 27, Real Estate Agent, Asian, China

"我的人中鼻子地方以前打针长了个息肉,很久了越长越大,自己很担心才下定决心要取出来,顺便整一下鼻头变挺一点。但是 去其他医生都说不敢保证能把息肉拿出来, 还说要用假体整鼻子。 在咨询可否用自体的做,都没有得到让我满意的回答 感觉很不专业。 威廉姆医生很 honest 一看就明确告诉我 他会做的步骤并且他认为用自体软骨最安全。起初我还有点担心,但是见过医生后,他对我的问题耐心解答以及给我专业的意見讓我很放心。进手术室之前医生也过来看过几次,再详细的讲述了一下手术过程,护士也特别耐心。整个手术很顺利 手术一醒就看到医生和护士了 对病人很照顾。 要在手术后的follow up 也很到位。 现在的样子很自然,朋友都看不出来整了,只说看上去不同了的样子小了点就是说不出哪里不一样[Chuckle]我對手術結果很非常的滿意!很细心,负责的医生!"