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Peal, 5 Star Google Review

“Dr Lao is the BEST! I had a,tummy tuck with Lipo of the flanks 3 years back. He walked me threw my procedure on what to expect. Post op he came to see me , next day he came and seen me also. I came to see him in the city back and forth until I was ready to off to the world with this new bod! Dr Lao is very nice and has a lot of PATIENCE. After 3 years later he still touches bases to make sure everything is still OK! Dr Lao is my #1 go to Dr. from now on!!”

Z, 33, Hispanic, Female, New York


Thank you Dr. William Lao for being a great doctor and also very helpful and patient. All ladies I recommend doctor Lao William for all your cosmetic procedures he is so great. He took about an hour explaining every detail in my first consultation and also after my surgery he called every day to check on me , and also with emails making sure I’m following all the instructions. I had a tummy tuck and Lipo and fixed hernia at the same time. I am so happy about the results. I had twins and after I lost the weight I had saggy skin. And then there was no way around fixing it but to this procedure, I really recommend you do it, and also use Dr William Lao at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is the best I have after being on many consultations with different doctors, nothing comparing to his service. Great! Dr William Lao!

S, 36, Caucasian, Male, Physician, New York


Future Patients,

I am nearly one month post-surgery and I am extremely satisfied with my results. The process has made me reflect on my past journeys with weight loss and exercise. I remember when I was 20 y/o, I was out of shape and had no concept of a healthy diet or adequate physical activity. At 24, I hired a personal trainer with whom I was dedicated to for an entire year. During that time, I saw major progress and realized that even in the absence of surgery, I still needed to continue with good habits.

Fast forward ten years, I had been a teacher, had completed medical school and residency training. The demands were high and time was limited. I slowly gained 25 pounds in the process. Luckily, after medical training, I continued on with another trainer for a year. During that time, I looked the best I could have ever imagined. I was proud of my progress and could finally consider myself “in shape,” but despite my best efforts, I still had a large pouch of skin below my belly button. It would not go away.

I took some time to consider my options. I revisited the idea of having an abdominoplasty. Truthfully, this time around I had invested great efforts and felt that it was worth pursuing. Being a physician, I am very detail-oriented. I was searching for a surgeon who was similar. Perhaps the most difficult part of the process was finding good and reliable clinicians.

After an exhaustive search, I was pleased to discover that Dr. Lao’s clinic at Lenox Hill had a fantastic reputation. I immediately booked my consultation. I requested to work with the “best” surgeon. Immediately, smiling staff members began recommending Dr. Lao.

From the initial consultation, I knew that Dr. Lao was different. He spent a little extra time really trying to envision my goals and expectations. In addition, he has an amazing personality and really made me feel comfortable about me and my body from the very beginning. He was a true example of professionalism. Once I saw photos of past tummy tucks that he performed, I was completely sold and booked my surgery.

The evening of surgery, he happened to be around and came to my room to check on me. Surgeons never have time to do that. He then re-evaluated me again in the morning. After I was discharged, he was consistent in following-up on my progress. When I had questions or other minor issues manifested, he was very easy to contact and replied very quickly to my messages. His calm demeanor displayed and earnest concern for me as a patient made me even more confident that I was receiving the best care possible. No stone was ever left unturned.

It has been 4 weeks since my procedure. It has been a journey to say the least. His refined skills yielded a flat abdomen, a flawless belly button, and quickly-healing incision. After two weeks, much of the side incisions were barely visible. I cannot wait to see the results 6 months from now.

After 3 weeks, I shared my results with co-workers, friends, and family members. The abdominoplasty looked so good that I had to acquiesce to my desires to wait until there was less swelling. However, at that time, I was so pleased with my results that I had to share. Everyone was in a state of amazement. Jaws were dropping in front of my eyes. I could not have felt better about myself and my results. In addition, several were so impressed that the requested his contact information as they wanted similar results for themselves.

In conclusion, I am ecstatic!. I cannot wait to see how my life will be for me moving forward. Dr. Lao truly changed my life in way unimaginable. I highly recommend him for your future care.

Best of Luck,

Dr. S

P, 34, Hispanic, Female, Housewife, New York


I had a abdominoplasty with lipo of the flanks lipo on the back and also inner thighs on March 30, 2015. The Abdominoplasty did not hurt from my experience only bcuz I had prior 2 C-sections so to me it felt about the same. I must say the first 4 days after surgery is very painful. My suggestion is make sure you have someone with you bcuz your going to need extra help to recuperate. Other then that I am very HAPPY with my results. Dr. Lao is so amazing and patient with you. After surgery, next day Dr. Lao comes to see you make sure everything nd yourself is going well. Once you are discharged home he continues to make house calls to follow-up. I would recommend Dr. Lao to anyone such an amazing Dr. So excited with my new curves…So for anyone out there who is scared of going for this procedure it’s a piece a cake and well worth it…Treat yourself!

N, 42, housewife, Caucasian, Queens, USA


“Dr. Lao is an excellent plastic surgeon, due not only to his surgical skills but also his caring nature. He has to be one of the most attentive doctors I have ever run into, calling me on a regular basis to see how I was feeling. I could not be happier with my abdominoplasty results. I look and feel amazing for the first time in years!”

W, 62, nurse, New York, USA





N, 42, Mother of two, New York, USA


Dr. Lao is an excellent plastic surgeon, due not only to his surgical skills but also his caring nature. He has to be one of the most attentive doctors I have ever run into, calling me on a regular basis to see how I was feeling. I could not be happier with my abdominoplasty results. I look and feel amazing for the first time in years!

I thought about having an abdominoplasty with lipo of flanks since 2013, after I had my second child. I have been to many consultations and even considering going to Dominican Republic to have my surgery done at a cheaper cost and a more contouring result. When I went for my consultation with you Dr. Lao, I knew right away I wanted you to perform my surgery. Your honest, straightforward approach in explaining the procedure to me and humor, put me at ease. You are the most caring and accommodating Plastic Surgeon I have ever met. Thank you for always being there and answering my questions when I needed you the most. Your understanding allowed me to be comfortable and relaxed on the day of my procedure and after.

I can’t thank you for a superb job and I want to let you know how trilled I am with my results, just after one month. My new look has given me more confidence than ever. My stomach is finally not in the way and I don’t have to buy clothes to fit the additional body fat, I once had. The combination of your medical expertise and artistic talent fascinates me. I hope to one day select a career that is as rewarding as yours. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a great surgeon. Thank you again!

Y, 45, Caucasian, Female, Office Worker, New York, USA


“Three years after giving birth to my baby by C section, finally decided to do abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) mainly to rid of a terrible post operation scar and extra skin.

I was recommended to see Dr. Lao. Made an appointment and everything was very prompt. Not knowing much about the procedure other than information online and what I’ve heard from people, I was highly doubtful and worried. However once I met Dr. Lao and explained to me the details of the procedure thoroughly I decided to go with it. As any worried and curious patient, I had questions and he answered them very clearly with confidence, I felt very at ease. Dr Lao was very friendly, easy, confident and courteous. The entire office environment was very relaxed and organized. He explained to me what to expect, the post operation timing, I was also very particular with the timing of the surgery and Dr Lao accommodated my schedule.

On the day of the surgery I was extremely nervous and Dr Lao again made me feel comfortable and optimistic.

I saw him right after the surgery where he explained how the procedure went and what to expect in terms of recovery.

Then I saw Dr Lao a week later and was very pleased to see the results. The healing process went well and the scar looked much better than what I expected and saw on internet. He reconstructed my belly button and I was very happy and pleased with the appearance. Throughout the whole process, from the beginning until after operation, Dr Lao answered my questions and emails quite quickly and even called me right reading my emails.

I am very happy I chose Dr Lao to perform my surgery, the whole team was just wonderful, caring and friendly.

Thank you Dr Lao!

“Через три года после рождения моего ребенка Я наконец решила сделать пластику живота, главным образом чтобы избавиться от страшного после операционного шрам и экстра кожи. Мне рекомендовали доктора Лао. Я назначила визит который назначили очень быстро. Не зная многого о процедуре, кроме информации онлайн и что я слышала от людей я была весьма сомнительно настроена и беспокоилась. Однако, как только я встретила доктора Лао и он объяснил мне подробно о процедуре, я решила рискнуть. Как у любого переживающего и любознательного пациента у меня возникaли вопросы и он отвечал на них очень четко и с уверенностью. Я чувствовалa себя очень непринужденно в присутсвии доктора Лао, он всегда очень дружелюбнo настроен, уверен в себе и вежлив. Весь персонал офисa был вежливым и внимательным. Доктор объяснил мне, чего ожидать после операции. В день операции я очень нервничалa и д-р Лао снова заставил меня чувствовать себя комфортно и оптимистично. Я увиделa его сразу после операции где он объяснил, как прошла процедура и процесс восстановления. Потом я увидел доктора Лао неделю спустя и он был очень рад результатом. Процесс заживления шёл хорошо и шрам выглядел намного лучше чем я ожидалa и виделa в Интернете. Доктор реконструирован мой пупок и я былa очень доволенa как он выглядел. На протяжении всего процесса от начала до окончания работы, доктор Лао отвечал на мои вопросы и электронные письма очень быстро и даже позвонил мне сразу прочитав мой емайл . Я очень счастливa что я выбралa доктора Лао, вся его команда была просто замечательная, внимательная и дружелюбная. Спасибо Вам, доктор Лао!”

A, 33, Female, New York, USA

“It has been nearly 4 months since my Tummy Tuck procedure with you and I’ve never felt (or looked) better! I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. Having lost over 130 pounds, my journey now feels complete.

You put my mind at ease about the surgery from the minute I met you. From the consultation to the surgery and even months later, I knew I was in good hands. You always gave me your time in describing every part of the journey and everything happened exactly how you said it would. You were always very responsive to any questions or concerns that I had.

I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism and warmth you and your staff have displayed to me. Your personal service, attention and follow up made me so glad I chose you as my surgeon. I cannot imagine having any other surgeon perform my procedure and I will highly recommend everyone to you.”

GB, 5 Star Google Review

“Dr Lao is absolutely the best. He gives recommended detailed and pertinent information to your procedure, answers all questions you have so you fully understand. He is very professional, patient, has excellent bedside manners and very caring. He makes you feel like you are is only patient. I had flank and abdominal liposuction and he did and phenomenal job. I look sexy and it isn’t overly done it is just right. I am very happy with his service and he is highly recommend.
Doc you are theee best. Thank you.

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