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Breast Procedure Reviews




S, 18, Student, Hispanic, New York, USA


“My experience was great! I understood everything that was happening very well, you answered all questions and concerns, and you were very easy to reach when needed. I am so happy with my results. It’s been 3 weeks since my breast augmentation and I feel great and they look great!”

L, 32, Asian, New York, USA


“Dr. William Lao has been exceptional throughout the entire surgery process. From my first visit in his office, he has been nothing but professional and guided me through every step of the surgery. Post operatively, he was very kind, and took great care to answer any sort of questions and concerns I had. Overall, an A+ surgeon who performs fantastic work. I am very happy with the outcome of the procedure.

因为运动和饮食控制的原因,我本来就很平的胸部 已经完全缩小了。认识骆医生是我的幸运。他给了我第二个完美的胸部。他把我的不对称,又平,又往外扩散的胸部整形的又挺,又对称,又丰满。它们真的是看起来太漂亮了。我是153cm, 48kg。以前是A cup,现在变成了C cup。初次很担心放350cc,胸会看起来很假,太大。但现在看起来又自然又漂亮,一点都看不出来是整形过的,它们看起来是那么真。连老公都赞不绝口。现在我开始买以前因为胸部所以不敢穿的衣服,还有比基尼。特别谢谢骆医生给了我第二个完美身材。

저는 윌리암 선생님한테서 가슴성형수술을 받고 정말로 새로운 삶으로 태어난것 같습니다. 저는 워낙 가슴이 절벽이여서 그게 너무 콤플렉스였는데 심한 다이어트로 앞뒤가 구별되지 않을만큼 더더욱 심해졌습니다. 남편이 일하는 같은 병원에서 성형수술 잘하기로 소문났다고 제 남편에게서 이야기 듣고 수술하기로 결심했습니다. 저는 키가 별로 크지않고 비교적 마른 체구라서 350cc를 넣으면 너무 크거나 이쁘지 않을까봐 엄청 걱정했었는데 수술하고 제 가슴을 보는순간 아예 그 생각은 사라졌습니다. 너무나 봉긋하고 자연스럽고 리얼했습니다. 겨드랑이 상처도 생각보다 훨씬 작고 보기에도 괜찮았습니다. 드디어 두꺼운 뽕 없는 브래지어와 섹시한 비키니를 입을수 있게 됐네요. 다시한번 윌리암 선생님한테 너무너무 고맙다고 말하고 싶네요.”

M, 46, Retired Model, Swedish, New York, USA


“Dr Lao made my whole experience undergo breast augmentation a pure pleasure. His unique and trustworthy approach from the first to the last visit made me feel very comfortable. I can highly recommend Dr Lao to everyone I know.

Dr Lao är en underbar plastik kirurg som gjorde min bröst operation till en okomplecerad händelse. Hans professionela och varma sätt fick mig att känna mig väldigt bekväm.”

S, 30, Middle Eastern, New York, USA

“Your professional yet down to earth personality makes you so unique and genuine. You always make time for me in your busy schedule and I so appreciate it. I was extremely happy with my results that I went back for more contouring. You made me feel so comfortable and walked me through it all. The fact that you were so attentive made my journey with surgery very pleasant. I would do it all again with your support. I am very grateful for everything you and the staff did for me and it will always be treasured.”

M, 35, African American, New York, USA

“Dr. Lao made me feel comfortable from day one. He was knowledgeable, confident and most importantly honest. He was always available to answer any questions I had. I am very happy with the outcome of my results and have recommended him to family and friends. I would definitely go back to Dr.Lao for future procedures.”

Mindy, 5 Star Google Review
“Let me start off by saying Dr. Lao is an amazing plastic surgeon. His great personality tied in with his confidence made me feel so comfortable after our first appointment. I’ve had any cosmetic surgery prior to this. I was so nervous about having my breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Dr. Lao was compassionate, he listened and validated all my concerns. The lines of communication were always open with Dr. Lao. He happily 🙂 accepted my suggestions while giving me his expert advice. I countless hours looking online at different breast implants. I was so concerned about my breast looking unnatural. Dr. Lao suggested we insert the implant through my nipple. I’m so glad I listened to him. My breast look and feel so natural. It left no visible scaring. My tummy tuck scar is exactly below the bikini line so it’s not noticeable. He also reconstructed my belly button perfectly. I’m soooooo happy he’s back in the states. I wouldn’t trust another plastic surgeon. Dr. Lao is the best!!!!!”

Alma, 5 Star Google Review
“After my consultation with Dr. Lao on Skype I felt really secure about my upcoming surgery. He was one of the few ones or the only one I know who can perform a breast augmentation through the axillary incision because I don’t want any scars on my breast. Everything went great. I got a 250ccs moderate plus profile turns out to be a 32C/D (I used to be a full B before). It’s been more than 3 weeks now and my breast feels really soft and natural. I can’t be anymore happy.
Thank you Dr. Lao for your devoted effort to take the best care of your patients. He is a sweetheart.”

YJL, 5 Star Google Review
“(Translated by Google)I made breast augmentation of breast acupuncture 20 years ago in mainland China. At that time, the doctor injected something like silicone. But in the past year, my left chest has been growing constantly. In the unknown situation, I went. At the Department of Plastic Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of NYU University School of Medicine, the doctor of the hospital suggested that I come to Dr. Luo for consultation. During the consultation process, Dr. Luo gave me a lot of detailed advice in his consultation with his professional vision and rich experience. During the consultation and the operation, I learned that the operation was very complicated and frustrating, but it was also the case. After Dr. Luo patiently explained, I gave this operation to him with confidence. The whole operation was smooth and the operation was smooth. The silicone gel injected before the chest is clear, the surgery has been a month now, the recovery process is also normal, without any inflammation or special discomfort, I am very grateful to Dr. Luo before the worst possible situation, I am willing to help me with this operation. His superb skills and rich experience have made me particularly admire. From consultation to surgery, the whole process of Dr. Luo and His assistant Nancy has shown their professionalism. In the future, I have many friends who have similar situations. I will strongly recommend them to Dr. Luo.”

我在中國大陸20年前做了胸部小針美容的隆乳,當時醫生注射了類似硅膠的東西,但是過去的一年我的左邊胸部一直不停的在變大,在情況不明下,我去了N Y U大學醫學院附屬醫院整形外科求助,醫院的醫生建議我到駱醫師這邊來做諮詢,在諮詢的過程中駱醫師以他專業的眼光還有豐富的經驗在諮詢中給我很多詳細的講解和手術的建議,在諮詢的過程中我了解到這個手術是非常複雜和耗神,但是也是這樣,經過駱醫師耐心的講解我才放心的把這個手術交給他,整個手術都很順利並且把胸部之前注射的硅膠都清乾淨,手術到現在已經一個月,恢復過程也都很正常,沒有任何的發炎或是特別的不舒服,我非常感謝駱醫師在有可能最糟的情形發生之前,願意幫我做這個手術,他精湛的技術還有豐富經驗讓我特別感到佩服,从咨询到手术,整个过程駱醫師和他的助理Nancy都表现出他们的专业度,未來我也有許多朋友有類似的情形,我都會大力的推薦他們來找駱醫生。

A, 26, TV Program Director, African American, New York, USA


“I’ve always had pretty large breast since middle school and they always made me feel uncomfortable. Eventually I started to grow into them, but during college I gained a significant amount of weight and they doubled. I was probably a 36C in high school and jumped to a 36DD after. While everyone said I should be thankful, I didn’t feel that way at all. It was difficult to wear certain shirts, dress and buy coats. I ended up losing about 20lbs and my breast size decreased to a 36D, but I had a ridiculous amount of loose skin and my breast sagged really bad. I started looking into breast lifts and reductions around 22 or 23 years of age and finally, at 26, I found the right doctor at Lenox Hill for a reasonable quote. I’ve had over four consultations and Lenox Hill’s Dr. Lao is probably one of the best surgeons I’ve met. He made me feel so confident and comfortable and he took his time with me. Any questions I had or information I needed, he provided. My surgery was on Friday, but I’m already pleased with my results. No one’s breasts are perfect, but he truly worked magic!”

A, 20, Caucasian, New York, USA


“I call Dr. Lao the miracle worker because my surgery was some serious mass lol. I received a breast lift at only 20 years old. Reason being I had my daughter at a young age and reached a size of Triple D while breast feeding and was still growing. I decided to stop breast feeding and when I did my boobs started to sag and flatten. Not to mention nipples were so enlarged I would say about the size of a small pancake it was getting crazy. Basically I had two droopy rain drops and an extraordinary nipple as my mom would say lol. After talking with my step mom she introduced me to Dr. Lao because she herself was getting work done. After seeing pictures of a previous patient I knew he was the one for me. Very friendly and not weird like some dr.’s I saw before, Instantly I knew this was the doctor for me. Now I’m small C and loving it! Dr. Lao did an amazing job on my new breast from the incisions to the size of my nipple (which are small now). I had a little skin problem after surgery with redness and dryness because I have sensitive skin but with Dr.Lao’s recommendation to use a specific cream and a bio oil my skin was back to normal in no time. Although my scars are still visible they are continuing to fade little by little because as you know that doesn’t happen overnight. But all I can say is I would recommend Dr. Lao to anyone and if I ever needed another surgery he would definitely be my go to guy! Thanks again Dr. Lao I’m truly in love with my NEW and improved TATA’S lol :)”

M, 41, Caucasian, New York, USA


“I’m a satisfied patient because I’m very happy with the results of my breast lift. I met a very caring & wonderful doctor. He answered all of my questions honestly and he did a wonderful job. I didn’t feel any pain I’m very happy with my doctor I’m having my second surgery with him I will recommend him to my friends and family…”

“Gracias por todo estoy bien.muy contenta con mi serugia. Gracias por contestar todas mis preguntas sobre mi serugia no tuve nigunas complicaciones estoy bien contenta por tener Un exelente medico que se preocupas por sus paciente..

Me siento muy feliz con mi nuevo cambio gracias a mi doctor que hiso Un exelente trabajo muchas suerte y que Dios te bendiga tus manos que hicieron Un trabajo fabuloso espero verlo de nuevo de tu paciente MR…”

R, 49, Caucasian, New York, USA

“I had a reconstructive mastopexy and implant removal.I had lost a lot of weight and had implants put in to compensate at MEETH My implants were almost 10 years old. I was having a lot of pain and the implants had moved. I also think due to increase muscle tone the muscle was pulling on the capsule. My right nipple was also very misplaced.You removed the implants and the capsules and my pain is now gone. You also really re-situated the nipple so it wasn’t so high and they are both now more symmetrical.

I am very happy with the results. We were scared that the breasts would be flat but there was enough tissue remaining to create a breast mound and I love them. They have never been this good looking. My scars are fading and I can exercise more easily now too.”

Dean, Male 5 Star Google Review

“(Translated by Google) As a boy who is not very attached to external conditions, he never thought that in his experience of seeing a doctor, “plastic surgery” would be included. I thought that my upper bound was caused by obesity, so I worked hard every week, especially the part that stood up. However, the hard work of that time, but only for the unintended result of thin abdomen instead of the upper bound, suddenly disappointing

In order to avoid letting everyone look at their upper circumference, they only wear loose dark tops when going out, and they will deliberately hunchback walking, just fear that raising their heads will make people discover their own strange things, and this habit also causes The soreness of the shoulders and neck can be said to be miserable.

Later, in an accidental situation, through the Internet search, I found that my symptoms are similar to “male female breast disease”, which is a kind of breast-like symptoms in men, which can only be treated by plastic surgery. I didn’t know how to bring this up with my family at the time, but in order not to let this annoying symptom follow my life, I took the scalp in front of my family and mentioned it when I was chatting for dinner. The family members indicated that they should not care about this symptom, but they may feel the physical and mental difficulties of their children. Therefore, they suggest that if they want to undergo plastic surgery, they must carefully choose plastic surgery from a large hospital.

Later, when searching for relevant materials through the Internet, I was caught by a photo of a young doctor who seemed to be knowledgeable. In addition to his extensive experience in the treatment of “male female breast disease”, this doctor has left his own contact information for those who need assistance to contact him. This is very rare, because in order to avoid being disturbed by patients, the doctor actually I will not do this. The doctor later became the turning point for me to find confidence. He is Dr. Luo Yukai, Dr. William Lao.

I remember when I first met Dr. Luo, I found that he was surrounded by a group of interns and felt that the squad was very large. From the opening of Dr. Luo, he can feel his kindness and sense of humor, and also show his delicate and professionalism. Regarding the procedure of the operation and the precautions after the operation, Dr. Luo will give detailed and practical explanations and explanations in order to alleviate the tension of the patients and let the patients understand what changes they will face. Therefore, this young doctor who was deeply baptized by American style and exotic culture made me feel very good and made me feel full of trust. So I arranged the operation time immediately on the day of the visit.

Waiting before the operation is a bit long, and what you can do now is to try to keep your peace of mind. After all, this is your choice. As long as you can improve, this choice is worthwhile. Since I have not undergone general anesthesia surgery, I am uneasy about it. Perhaps this uneasy emotion was discovered by Dr. Luo, so he chatted with me with some humorous words. Seriously, this helped a lot, and the original tension gradually disappeared, so I lay down on the operating table and prepared to accept the oncoming change.

When the eyes are opened, their position has been transferred to the restroom, and the corset that needs to be worn after surgery has been worn on the body. At that time, the head was a little drowsy, and the wounds of the opponent felt a dull pain. What is even more wonderful is that it seems strange to the feeling part of the upper circumference. It was not until I saw my upper bound through the mirror that I finally understood where the strangeness of the time came from. Because “male female breast disease” has disappeared from the body, it is followed by another brand new feeling, but it takes a while to adapt.

Compared with the previous walk on the road, now I have the courage to look up and walk, completely saying goodbye to the previous hunchback, and also found self-confidence. I am able to have all of this, all thanks to Dr. Luo’s medical skills. I am very fortunate to find him to relieve my psychological shackles when I am depressed because of “male female breast disease”, and I will be encouraged and cared for during the post-operative visit. These are the things I have never felt in a doctor.

For Dr. Luo, I am grateful, but thank you, because he let me pick up the self-confidence that has disappeared for a long time. I believe that as long as there is a doctor in the place, it will be happy for the local people who need plastic surgery.




後來透過網路搜尋相關資料時,被一名看起來學識淵博的年輕醫生相片抓住了目光。這名醫生除了擁有治療「男性女乳症」的豐富經驗之外,還留下自己的聯絡方式讓有需要協助的人聯絡他,這倒是很罕見,因為一般醫生為了避免被病患打擾,其實是不會這樣做的。而這位醫生後來就成了我找回自信的的轉捩點,他就是駱瑋凱醫生,Dr. William Lao






A, 29, Mother of Two, Caucacian, New York, USA


“I’ve recently had a breast augmentation, minor lift, and areola reduction performed by Dr. Lao. I am a mother of two and suffered from significant deflation and some asymmetry mostly from breastfeeding. I have had a consultation once before and I must say Dr. Lao made me feel extremely comfortable in ways the other surgeon did not. He went the extra mile in helping me come to a decision about my size and giving his opinions when necessary. His main concern was keeping my look natural. And he executed that so well. I am thrilled with the end results. My breasts look so natural and my family and friends think they’re perfect. Dr. Lao is charismatic, professional, always available, and great at his craft. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

C, 33, Nurse, African American, New York, USA


“I can’t say enough about how wonderful my experience with Dr. Lao was. He is very knowledgeable not only about the medical aspects but also about what to expect with my recovery, what help I’ll need, and how I’ll feel after. I had a mastopexy with a breast augmentation on 10/20/14 so it was what I considered a fairly large procedure. I went to three offices and when I began speaking to Dr. Lao, I knew right away that he was the doctor I wanted to go with. I signed up right away. He explained all aspects of the procedure and made himself available when I had any questions. But most of all he made me feel like a human and was very respectful. The work he did is excellent! I have not regretted anything about the procedure not for a minute, in fact, I am so pleased with it that I wish I had done it sooner. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Lao is!”

D, 44, Mom of Two, Greek, New York, USA

“I’ve recently had a breast augmentation, minor lift, and areola reduction performed by Dr. Lao. I am a mother of two and suffered from significant deflation and some asymmetry mostly from breastfeeding. I have had a consultation once before and I must say Dr. Lao made me feel extremely comfortable in ways the other surgeon did not. He went the extra mile in helping me come to a decision about my size and giving his opinions when necessary. His main concern was keeping my look natural. And he executed that so well. I am thrilled with the end results. My breasts look so natural and my family and friends think they’re perfect. Dr. Lao is charismatic, professional, always available, and great at his craft. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

K, 33, Mom, African American, New York, USA

“The greatest part of my experience with Dr. Lao was his bed side manner. In my opinion bed side manner begins with the consultation, and from the start, Dr. Lao showed compassion and understanding for his patients’ needs and desires. He was also delicate and assertive in offering his medical advice about the best way to obtain such goals. The surgery was a smooth transaction and my results were as discussed. During post-operative care he was just as attentive as he was during and prior to the surgery. True professional.”

Franklin, 5 Star Google Review

“Went to Dr. Lao because i had severe gynecomastia and needed the excess skin removed and nipples relocated. Im about 3 weeks post op i look and feel great. Dr. Lao has been very helpful answering all concerns ive had throughout recovery frequently checks in to make sure everything is ok. He calmly and thoroughly explains everything that’s happening and everything that will happen during recovery. I highly recommend him!!!”

Wayne, 5 Star Google Review
“Hello Dr. Luo, thank you for helping me to find my self-confidence. To be honest, I feel very helpless in my life before the operation of male breast disease. Every day I care about the eyes of others. When I walk, I often bend over and hump. There is no such thing as self-confidence for boys. Probably from the time of the second day of the country, I slowly felt that my chest had a tendency to become bigger. I thought it was caused by obesity at first, so I didn’t care very much. Later, because I was ridiculed and nicknamed because of this relationship, I felt that I was not quite right. Why does my chest look like a girl? I also didn’t dare to communicate with people from that time. When I went out, I always wear a few more clothes. Even on a hot day, I don’t dare to take off my coat. When I was in high school, the situation still did not improve, and the chest continued to grow. This made me very troubled, so I thought of a bad way, that is, using tape to find a way to stick my chest a little, at the time, I did not think so much, I feel very happy as long as the chest can be made smaller.
So after I got up every morning, before changing clothes, I was alone in the room, using a large tape to stick the chest, and sticking to the high school graduation. After that, I realized that this sticking is not a solution. The chest is even stuck to me with tape. Before that, I have been surfing the Internet to find out about this issue. I understand that this is actually the so-called male breast disease. But during this period of high school, I kept thinking about this problem with my parents, but I was not retreating back if I was a boy with a chest. Otherwise, my timid, weak heart drove me not to dare. Discuss with your parents. Until my summer vacation after high school, I wanted to go to college. I wanted to start again. So I took the courage to talk about my mother’s breast disease seriously and told them that I wanted to treat. Finally, my parents accepted my opinion and found Dr. Luo from the plastic surgery of Lin Geng Chang Geng to help me with this operation.
On the day of the operation, I was not afraid, because this was my own request. When I entered the operating room, the nurse aunt also talked to me about the day, which made me feel more relaxed. When I took the anesthetic, I gradually passed out. When I woke up again, the operation was over. There was no pain at all in the process. It was just that I had some difficulty breathing when I woke up, maybe it was just a relationship with the anesthetic. After the operation, I found that I had already worn a pre-ordered corset and felt a little pressure on the body. Especially the chest sometimes felt uncomfortable, but after a few weeks I got used to it. After the operation, I am very satisfied with my body. I am also very confident about myself. I don’t have to care about other people’s eyes. I don’t have to wear more clothes to cover up. This is the place that makes me most happy. Dr. Luo said that I can start fitness, and I also listened to it. It has been almost eight months since the operation. I have been working out in fitness. I especially hope that I can train my chest muscles better and look better. In the future, I will continue to exercise and make my body stronger!
Thanks again for Dr. Luo’s help~~”


RealSelf Patient Reviews of Dr. Willam Lao


Every surgical procedure and aesthetic treatment we offer is specifically tailored to satisfy the unique needs of the individual. When you come in for a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Lao, he can find the perfect aesthetic approach that provides you with your ideal results.