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Massive Weight Loss New York City

Massive weight loss procedures are some of the most challenging procedures in plastic surgery due to the poor skin quality, increase of post-op complication, and the poor nutritional status of the individual.

Massive Weight Loss


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  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • General Anesthesia


  • Ambulate the night of surgery
  • Shower 2 days after surgery
  • 7 to 10 days off work


  • 6 weeks from heavy lifting and swimming


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  • *Individual results may vary.

    T, 35, Hispanic

    T lost more than 100 lb though massive weight loss surgery a few years ago. She underwent abdominoplasty and brachioplasty one year ago to contour her body. She came to clinic because of the excess loose skin hanging in her medial thigh. Medial thigh lift was done to rid of all excess skin and remaining fat. Incision was well hidden and notice the improved curve and firmness of both thighs. She was happy that she now could fit in tighter pants again.


    *Individual results may vary.
  • *Individual results may vary.

    D, 45, Caucasian

    D lost tremendous amount of weight in a short time through massive weight lose surgery. She was left with saggy skin on her breast. She would like her breast lifted and augmented at the same time to correct the droopy look.


    *Individual results may vary.
  • *Individual results may vary.

    C, 28, Caucasian

    C is a mother of two. Through weight loss surgery, she lost 220 lb (~100 kg) in a short period. She was left with tremendous amount of excess skin causing her functional and cosmetic problems. Circumferential body lift was done to address the lower abdomen. She is planning for another surgery to address her upper abdomen and droopy breasts.


    *Individual results may vary.
  • *Individual results may vary.

    N, 31, Hispanic

    N works as an EMT (emergency medical team) with the ambulance. She has lost 98 lb through recent weight loss surgery. She however was not able to wear the belt carrying the emergency equipments required for work due to her hanging skin. Circumferential body lift was done to rid of all the excess skin.


    *Individual results may vary.


Obesity is an epidemic issue. More and more people start to understand the association between obesity and health problems like hypertension and diabetes. Because few people were able to lose the weight through only diet and exercise, massive weight loss procedures are now becoming more acceptable and popular in the obese population. Procedures like gastric banding and gastric bypass result in massive weight loss in a short amount of time.

Massive weight loss is defined as losing more than 100 lb (~45 kg) or more than 100% above individual's ideal body weight. Due to the rapid weight loss in fat, they end up with a large amount of excess skin. The excess skin hangs over the abdomen, arms, thighs, and in older patients, face. My patients often complain of the annoyance and discomfort of the excess skin when they wear belt and tighter fitting cloth. They also have difficulty finding fitting clothes. In areas or seasons where humidity is high, skin breakdown or rashes develop underneath the excess skin folds. Thus the problems after massive weight loss are both cosmetic and functional.

Dr. William Lao is a top plastic surgeon specializing in massive weight loss surgery in NYC.


Massive weight loss procedures are mostly body contouring in nature. The most common areas that need to be addressed are the droopy inner thighs, inner arms, breasts, and excess skin in the lower abdomen. In older patients, facelift and necklift procedures are needed to remove all the excess skin in the face. Breasts are deflated so augmentation with lifting is often required at the same time. The skin quality and nutritional status are usually poor so techniques used have to address the risk of recurrence and incision dehiscence. There exist a special set of procedures, which are variations of the regular plastic surgery principles, to deal with these massive weight loss deformities.

SURGical approacheS


Step 1. Identify the excess area.

Step 2. Recognize the degree of muscle laxity underneath.

Step 3. Excise the excess skin and fat and repair the loosened muscles underneath.

Step 4. Re-approximate the opened area to hide the incision in the Bikini line.

Breast Lift and Breast Lift/Augmentation

Incision around the Areola Only

Vertical and Areola Incision Only

Inverted T and Areola Incisions Together

Facelift and Necklift

Necklift: Incision behind the Ear

Facelift: Incision in front of the Ear

Facelift and Necklift Incisions Combined

Arm Lift and Thigh Lift

Arm Lift Incision Hidden in Medial Arm

Thigh Lift Incision Hidden in Medial Thigh

Thigh Lift Incision Hidden from Both Front and Back Views


SH, 30 year old female, middle eastern, fashion business, New York, USA

"Your professional yet down to earth personality makes you so unique and genuine. You always make time for me in your busy schedule and I so appreciate it. I was extremely happy with my results that I went back for more contouring. You made me feel so comfortable and walked me through it all. The fact that you were so attentive made my journey with surgery very pleasant. I would do it all again with your support. I am very grateful for everything you and the staff did for me and it will always be treasured."

Your Massive Weight Loss procedure will be performed by Dr. Willam Lao in New York.


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