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Breast Lift/Augmentation New York City

Mastopexy Augmentation is lifting and augmenting the breast at the same time. It is often indicated for ladies who have both deflated and droopy breasts after childbirth. This procedure combines techniques and concepts from both breast augmentation and breast lift.

Breast Lift / Augmentation




  • Time: 3-4 hours
  • General Anesthesia


  • Ambulate the night of surgery
  • Shower 2 days after surgery
  • 3 to 5 days off work


  • 6 weeks from heavy lifting and swimming


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  • A, 29, Caucasian

    A came to see me after previous consultation with other surgeons. She expressed her goal of a minimal incision breast lift and the desire of augmenting her breasts at the same time. After discussion, we reached a decision together of hiding all the incision around the areola while reducing its size and augmenting the breast through the same incision. She was extremely satisfied with the result and there was no visible incision on her breasts, even her husband could not tell where her incision was.


    *Individual results may vary.
  • C, 33, African American

    C is 33 year old nurse working in New York. She had long been wanting to increase her breast size and also improve the droopy appearance. During consultation, we went over the size she wanted and the kind of incision she would tolerate. We came to the decision together at the end to augment her breast with a mid size silicone implant under the muscle and designed a skin pattern excision to shrink her large areola and lifting the dropped breast tissue.


    *Individual results may vary.
  • D, 25, African American

    D had a breast augmentation with breast lift a few years ago by a surgeon in Texas. She later developed malpositioning of the left breast implant. It was riding too high because of formation of the scar. The previous incision was used and scar was released to allow a more natural breast position and shape. Notice the difference of her left breast before and after surgery from both views.


    *Individual results may vary.


In youthful breasts, nipples sit at a higher position on the breasts; a simple breast augmentation procedure can accomplish the goal of creating larger and well projected breasts. With age, however, the nipples drop and if a simple breast augmentation was done, it will result in larger droopy breasts with nipples pointing to the floor. Mastopexy augmentation is indicated for ladies after childbirth who present with deflated and droopy breasts. This procedure is designed for people who not only desire larger but also lifted breasts at the same time.


Mastopexy augmentation is one of the most challenging breast procedures. There are many factors to calculate into the surgery including how high the nipple should be raised along with considerations of how big the breast can be augmented. Putting an implant or using one's own fat increases the volume of the breast but at the same time the breast skin envelope needs to be reduced to elevate the nipple; these are two opposing forces in surgery.

The augmentation part can be done with either autologous fat or saline/silicone implants. The breast lift portion of the procedure, however, is more variable with individual surgeon's experience and preference. Often excess skin needs to be removed while hiding scars in inconspicuous locations. One of the additional benefits of this procedure is that the enlarged areola can be often corrected at the same time.

Surgical approacheS

Degree of Breast Drop

Different Degrees of Breast Ptosis: Normal to Severe Droopy Breasts. Last Image Shows a Special Type with Glandular Ptosis but Nipple still in Good Position.

Implant Placement

Normal Breast Anatomy with Breast Gland on top of Chest Muscle

Subglandular Placement: Implant above Chest Muscle

Submuscular Placement: Implant below Chest Muscle

Incision Placement

Incision around the Areola Only

Vertical and Areola Incision Only

Inverted T and Areola Incisions Together


D, 44, Mom of Two, Greek, New York, USA

"I've recently had a breast augmentation, minor lift, and areola reduction performed by Dr. Lao. I am a mother of two and suffered from significant deflation and some asymmetry mostly from breastfeeding. I have had a consultation once before and I must say Dr. Lao made me feel extremely comfortable in ways the other surgeon did not. He went the extra mile in helping me come to a decision about my size and giving his opinions when necessary. His main concern was keeping my look natural. And he executed that so well. I am thrilled with the end results. My breasts look so natural and my family and friends think they're perfect. Dr. Lao is charismatic, professional, always available, and great at his craft. I'd recommend him to anyone."

K, 33, Mom, African American, New York, USA

"The greatest part of my experience with Dr. Lao was his bed side manner. In my opinion bed side manner begins with the consultation, and from the start, Dr. Lao showed compassion and understanding for his patients' needs and desires. He was also delicate and assertive in offering his medical advice about the best way to obtain such goals. The surgery was a smooth transaction and my results were as discussed. During post-operative care he was just as attentive as he was during and prior to the surgery. True professional."

Your Breast Lift / Augmentation procedure will be performed by Dr. Willam Lao in New York.


Every surgical procedure and aesthetic treatment we offer is specifically tailored to satisfy the unique needs of the individual. When you come in for a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Lao, he can find the perfect aesthetic approach that provides you with your ideal results.

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