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Breast Lift

A | 20 歲 | 白人 | 女性 | 美國紐約


  • 胸部拉提
  • 乳暈縮小






I call Dr. Lao the miracle worker because my surgery was some serious mass lol. I received a breast lift at only 20 years old. Reason being I had my daughter at a young age and reached a size of Triple D while breast feeding and was still growing. I decided to stop breast feeding and when I did my boobs started to sag and flatten. Not to mention nipples were so enlarged I would say about the size of a small pancake it was getting crazy. Basically I had two droopy rain drops and an extraordinary nipple as my mom would say lol. After talking with my step mom she introduced me to Dr. Lao because she herself was getting work done. After seeing pictures of a previous patient I knew he was the one for me. Very friendly and not weird like some dr.’s I saw before, Instantly I knew this was the doctor for me. Now I’m small C and loving it! Dr. Lao did an amazing job on my new breast from the incisions to the size of my nipple (which are small now). I had a little skin problem after surgery with redness and dryness because I have sensitive skin but with Dr.Lao’s recommendation to use a specific cream and a bio oil my skin was back to normal in no time. Although my scars are still visible they are continuing to fade little by little because as you know that doesn’t happen overnight. But all I can say is I would recommend Dr. Lao to anyone and if I ever needed another surgery he would definitely be my go to guy! Thanks again Dr. Lao I’m truly in love with my NEW and improved TATA’S lol 🙂

— A, 20 year-old, Caucasian, New York, USA


M,41 歲,白人




A,20 歲,白人