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Double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. William Lao has a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetic ideals of both East and West and over a decade of extensive education and training in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Lao combines advanced surgical techniques and concepts from both worlds and customizes procedures to provide the best results possible.


Case Study

  • W, 62, AsianW came in with concerns for her forehead and glabella wrinkles and the heavy appearance of her brow. After consultation, browlift with forehead lift were done to decrease the wrinkles. Lower blepharoplasty was also done at the same time to improve her eyebag appearance and remove the excess skin. VIEW STORY *Individual results may vary.

  • H, 25, AsianH used to use eyelid tapes to create the double fold. The skin looses its elasticity after a while and she would like to have a more permanent solution. After a simple surgery, H no longer needs to use the tape anymore. VIEW STORY *Individual results may vary.

  • F, 61, AsianF was introduced to my clinic by his wife for evaluation of eyelid and brow rejuvenation. He was constantly bothered by the angry and aged appearance of his eyes. He constantly felt he had to forcefully use his forehead to elevate his brow and he had problems seeing the upper half of his visual field. Notice the difference between his brow and eyelid position before and after surgery. He not only can see better but also looks happier. VIEW STORY *Individual results may vary.

  • V, 57, CaucasianV wanted total facial rejuvenation to correct her droopy face and brow. She also emphasized the desire to get rid of her “turkey neck”. She was extremely pleased with her neck, she regained the youthful look she once had. Her friends believes she looked at least 10 years younger. VIEW STORY *Individual results may vary.

  • L, 32, AsianL is petite and always had been flat chested. Her breasts also sit low on her chest wall. She also expressed difficulty in wearing more feminine clothes. Due to the likelihood of scarring in Asian people and her preference not to have any visible scar from the frontal view, transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation was done. VIEW STORY *Individual results may vary.

  • P, 34, HispanicP is a mother of two. She would like to regain her pre-pregnancy body shape and wear her bikini again. Liposuction and abdominoplasty with a low bikini line incision was designed for her. She was very happy with her result and quickly got tanned from the beach after surgery! VIEW STORY *Individual results may vary.

  • A, 20, CaucasianA is 20 year old young mother. She gave birth to her first child about one year ago. Prior to pregnancy she had D cup breasts but during breastfeeding her breasts grew to DDD in size. After finishing breast feeding, she was left with large floppy breasts with dramatically enlarged areola and her nipples sagged to her mid abdomen. She desired to return to her youthful shape and projection. VIEW STORY *Individual results may vary.

  • A, 29, CaucasianA came to see me after previous consultation with other surgeons. She expressed her goal of a minimal incision breast lift and the desire of augmenting her breasts at the same time. After discussion, we reached a decision together of hiding all the incision around the areola while reducing its size and augmenting the breast through the same incision. She was extremely satisfied with the result and there was no visible incision on her breasts, even her husband could not tell where her incision was. VIEW STORY *Individual results may vary.

  • C, 30, AsianC is a 30 year-old mother of two. She had gained a lot of weight since pregnancy and could not lose the fat especially in the abdomen and flanks. She previously had a smaller breast augmentation but would like to be exchanged to bigger size. She is a tall lady with a wide frame so bigger implants would work for her. After understanding her goals, an abdominoplasty with a main focus on liposuction and transaxillary breast implant exchange with capsule release and replacement with bigger implants were done. She was extremely happy with her result! VIEW STORY *Individual results may vary.


He made me feel like I was his only patient although he is extremely busy with many other patients and all kinds of procedures. He is kind, thoughtful and gives you all the time you need for questions, follow up etc. In fact, his follow-up was flawless..always in touch and always got back to me the same day. He was never hurried and never worried…the perfect match for me.
– RJ, New York, USA
SPANISH “Dr. Lao es muy profesional y eficiente. El me hizo sentir muy confortable desde mi primera consulta hasta la ultima, despues de la operacion el fue muy atento y siempre se preocupo hasta por las mas pequeñas preguntas.”

– BB, New York, USA

CHINESE “在整个过程中,骆医生非常耐心及细心。在手术之前和之后,他都会认真告知病人所有的注意事项,并且在手术过后详细询问恢复情况。作为病人,我非常感谢骆医生的治疗。不论是出色的技术还是对病人的耐心细心,我都会毫无保留的推荐他。”

– YH, Beijing, CHINA

KOREAN “저는 윌리암 선생님한테서 가슴성형수술을 받고 정말로 새로운 삶으로 태어난것 같습니다. 너무나 봉긋하고 자연스럽고 리얼했습니다. 겨드랑이 상처도 생각보다 훨씬 작고 보기에도 괜찮았습니다. 드디어 두꺼운 뽕 없는 브래지어와 섹시한 비키니를 입을수 있게 됐네요. 다시한번 윌리암 선생님한테 너무너무 고맙다고 말하고 싶네요.”

– LC, New York, USA

RUSSIAN “Я чувствовалa себя очень непринужденно в присутсвии доктора Лао, он всегда очень дружелюбнo настроен, уверен в себе и вежлив. Весь персонал офисa был вежливым и внимательным. Доктор объяснил мне, чего ожидать после операции. В день операции я очень нервничалa и д-р Лао снова заставил меня чувствовать себя комфортно и оптимистично.”

– DA, New York, USA

SWEDISH “Dr Lao är en underbar plastik kirurg som gjorde min bröst operation till en okomplecerad händelse. Hans professionela och varma sätt fick mig att känna mig väldigt bekväm.”

– EMH, New York, USA

HEBREW “ד”ר לאו היה מאוד נחמד וסבלני. הוא ענה על כל השאלות שלי בפירוט רב, הן במהלך ההתייעצות, וגם למיילים הרבים ששלחתי לו. לאחר הניתוח שלי, ד”ר לאו שמר על קשר יומיומי איתי- הוא שלח לי הודעות כדי לראות איך אני מרגישה וענה על כל שאלה שהייתה לי בנוגע לטיפול שלאחר ניתוח. אני מאוד מרוצה עם התוצאות שלי ואני ממליצה על ד”ר לאו בלב מלא! ”

– IL, New York, USA


Every surgical procedure and aesthetic treatment we offer is specifically tailored to satisfy the unique needs of the individual. When you come in for a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Lao, he can find the perfect aesthetic approach that provides you with your ideal results.

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