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Glowing Skin Treatments for New Youthful You!

When it comes to our medical spa treatments the name of the game is YOUTH. We aim to provide treatments that help your skin look years younger. We also offer non-surgical body contouring to assist in shaping the abs and buttocks without the need for surgery!

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It’s safe to say that every single person on this planet is different, which is why options and variety are so important – especially in this industry. In the past, laser treatments were known to have difficulty treating darker skin tones with an increased chance of certain risks. With advancements in modern laser technology and treatments such as Clear + Brilliant and Thermage, we are rapidly becoming a top Laser Center in NYC. We offer a wide range of laser treatments, body sculpting, and injectables that benefit not only those with fairer skin but skin types of all ethnicities. Whether you’re alabaster or ebony, we have a treatment that will help you achieve clear and beautiful skin.

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Laser Treatment Options

There are so many cosmetic options available but that doesn’t mean every patient will respond to them in the same way. At the office of William Lao, M.D., we offer our New York City patients a variety of laser options that can treat a wide variety of skin conditions with a non-invasive method.

AviClear: Perfect for those suffering with acne. This laser treatment targets acne at the source to clear up mild-to-severe breakouts with just a few sessions. The results are long-lasting and leave you with smoother, more appealing skin.

Clear + Brilliant: A gentle and effective laser treatment that treats and prevents the early signs of aging. This non-invasive fractional laser can target only the skin being treated, leaving healthy and undamaged cells to heal and rejuvenate the skin. Works great for all types of skin.

Fractional CO2: Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers emit gas as infrared light to destroy dermatological lesions, improve acne scarring, and so much more. This versatile laser treatment requires minimal downtime and produces incredible results. Great for removing tattoos as well.

IPL Photofacial: Dull and wrinkled skin are inevitable, but not untreatable. This treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light to gently heat the upper layers of your skin. As the targeted areas absorb the heat, your skin cells are stimulated to regenerate new collagen, leaving you with long-lasting, glowing results.

Thermage: If you’re looking for tighter and firmer skin, this laser treatment can produce some incredible results. By tightening the collagen and encouraging its production, your skin will not only look younger, but healthier and more voluminous than ever. Great for all types of skin.

To learn more about each laser treatment, please visit their respective pages.

Common skin conditions

We all have those spots on our skin that we are unhappy with. It doesn’t matter if it’s sun spots, acne, or even loose, saggy skin, many people just accept it but often feel self-conscious about their appearance. If you have any of the following skin conditions, we have made some suggestions on which treatment would work best for you.


Sudden acne can be a day ruiner, but long-term acne can damage self-esteem. If you’ve been maintaining a good skincare routine, but aren’t seeing results, cosmetic intervention may help. Keep your acne under control in just a few sessions and feel more confident and comfortable in your skin.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

As we age, wrinkles and fine lines are to be expected, but that doesn’t mean they are welcomed. If you are looking to reduce and potentially remove those wrinkles in your skin, please look at the following treatments to learn more about them.


If you have brown patches on your skin that are causing you distress, worry no more. Dr. Lao and his team can help reduce the appearance of melasma with just a few cosmetic treatment sessions, giving you clear and pristine skin.


When most people are looking to achieve clear and beautiful skin, pores can be a big roadblock on their skincare journey. Lessen the appearance of those large pores with these aesthetic treatments and start living life with that flawless skin you’ve always wanted.

Sagging Skin

Thanks to gravity, age, and the elements, your skin will eventually lose its tightness and start sagging, giving your skin an unsightly appearance. The following treatments will not only be able to reduce that lax look, but also improve your skin’s overall appearance.


Scars can be great conversation starters, painful memories, or just plain unwanted. Whether you have scarring from an accident, surgical intervention, or acne scars, these cosmetic treatments are great for reducing the appearance of scar tissue.

*Good for Acne Scarring

Skin Improvement

Whether it’s sun damage, spots, texture, or even if you’re just looking for radiant skin, there are a lot of reasons to desire clearer and refreshed-looking skin. The following treatments are great for skin rejuvenation.


At our NYC Laser Center & Medical Spa, we can treat the above-mentioned skin conditions and so much more! If you are looking to improve your skin’s appearance without invasive techniques, schedule your consultation with Dr. William Lao and our team of aesthetic specialists.

Why Choose Us

Nestled in the heart of the Big Apple rests the office of William Lao, M.D., a double-board-certified plastic surgeon who combines advanced surgical techniques and concepts from both the East and the West to create custom procedures that provide our patients with the best results possible. As a top Laser Center in New York City, our team has helped many patients achieve smoother and more youthful skin with our fast treatments that require very minimal downtime. If you are uncertain about the other cosmetic treatments out there but are also dissatisfied with your skin’s aesthetics, look no further than the practice of Dr. William Lao.

Schedule Your Consultation

To schedule your non-surgical medical spa consultation, we encourage you to call our office or use our website to request an appointment. If you are looking for the best aesthetic treatments in NYC, you can stop looking and start living your best life with laser treatments from Dr. Lao and his team of certified specialists.

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Real patients, real results! Check out our before and after photo gallery and peruse through different gallery options of surgical and non-surgical patients!

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Out-of-town patients

Dr. Lao has provided surgery for patients from almost every continent in the world. With such a wide range, patients frequently ask about travel arrangements for surgery.

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Patient Resources

We’re here to help, with a number of patient resources designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Read through the materials below, and don’t hesitate to reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about what we can do for you.

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