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  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Axillary Accessory Breast Tissue Removal
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair


Z is a 33 year-old mother who gave birth to a set of twins a few years ago. Since then she has been bothered mentally and physically with the hanging pannus resulted from her twin pregnancy. She returned to her pre-prenancy weight but no matter how hard she worked at it, her abdomen could not return to her pre-pregancy state. She has tried many exercise and diet regimens without resolution. She is most bothered by the layered and folded abdomen and the multiple stretch marks. She also had accessory breast tissue in the left axilla and a small umbilical hernia that bothered her.

After consultation, abdominoplasty was performed in conjunction with umbilical hernia repair, left accessory breast tissue removal. She is extremely happy with her results and shared her experience with all her mom friends. Her incision is well hidden and her stretch marks in the lower abdomen were removed.


“Thank you Dr. William Lao for being a great doctor and also very helpful and patient. All ladies I recommend doctor Lao William for all your cosmetic procedures he is so great. He took about an hour explaining every detail in my first consultation and also after my surgery he called every day to check on me , and also with emails making sure I’m following all the instructions. I had a tummy tuck and Lipo and fixed hernia at the same time. I am so happy about the results. I had twins and after I lost the weight I had saggy skin. And then there was no way around fixing it but to this procedure, I really recommend you do it, and also use Dr William Lao at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is the best I have after being on many consultations with different doctors, nothing comparing to his service. Great! Dr William Lao!”

— ZM, 33 year old Mom of twins, Textile & Fabric Designer, New York, USA


Z, 33, Hispanic

Z is a 33 year-old mother whose abdomen could not return to her pre pregancy state. After consultation, abdominoplasty was performed in conjunction with umbilical hernia repair, left accessory breast tissue removal and body liposuction. Her incision is well hidden and her stretch marks in the lower abdomen were removed.


N, 42, Caucasian

N is a mother of two and was referred to me through her friends. She was most concerned about her protuberant belly. She has tried exercises and diet but was unable to reach the body shape she wanted. To repair both the muscle separation and give her the flat abdomen she wanted, abdominoplasty with a focus on body liposuction was done.


S, 36, Caucasian

S is a physician himself. He had gone through cycles of weight gain and weight loss in the past 10 years. This has caused him tremendous mental distress because of the body image he hoped to obtain. After considering all the surgical options and his current condition and goal, liposuction with abdominoplasty was done.


P, 34, Hispanic

P is a mother of two. She would like to regain her pre-pregnancy body shape and wear her bikini again. Liposuction and abdominoplasty with a low bikini line incision was designed for her. She was very happy with her result and quickly got tanned from the beach after surgery!


N, 42, Caucasian

N came to see me mainly because of the protuberant belly that persisted since childbirth. She complains that she still looks like 6 months pregnant. On exam, her large belly was mainly from the separation of muscles from multiple large pregnancies. To give her the best result possible, only a very small amount of body liposuction was done and surgery was focused on repairing the separated muscle underneath.


W, 62, Asian

W works as a nurse in New York. She moved to the USA from Taiwan many years ago. She came to me for desire of having a youthful abdomen body back. Her main complaint is the wrinkled abdomen and the lack of waistline curve.


Y, 45, Caucasian

Y came to my clinic with the main concern of a bad scar from her previous C section. Her C section scar was obliquely orientated and resulted in a fatty roll hanging over the scar. She also had a small umbilical hernia found on physical exam. Her scar line was shifted to be hidden under her underwear, extra fat roll was removed and her umbilical hernia was repaired at the same time.



Every surgical procedure and aesthetic treatment we offer is specifically tailored to satisfy the unique needs of the individual. When you come in for a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Lao, he can find the perfect aesthetic approach that provides you with your ideal results.