Abdominoplasty, commonly known as the “Tummy Tuck”, is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures. It addresses the abdominal laxity and bulginess that bother both men and women in their 30s to 50s, especially in women after multiple pregnancies.




  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • General Anesthesia


  • Ambulate the night of surgery
  • Shower 2 days after surgery
  • 7 to 10 days off work


  • 6 weeks from heavy lifting and swimming


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Laxity of the abdomen is a common concern of ladies in the mid 30s to 50s. Common reasons for the enlarged belly are due to weight gain or massive weight loss or abdominal laxity after childbirth (especially ladies who have had multiple pregnancies or gave birth to twins or triplets). Characteristics of these abdomen often involve stretch marks, lower abdominal fullness, hanging pannus, ptosis and lengthening of the belly button. Men can also have similar problems but often stem from weight gain with mostly intra-abdominal fat accumulation and not as much abdominal structural laxity as ladies.

A large abdomen not only causes cosmetic distress due to the unsightly appearance but also comes with difficulty in fitting into nice clothing. Depending on the occupation, patients have complained of discomfort wearing belts or equipments that are required for work (ie. police officers, construction workers). When the pannus is large, the skin crease underneath can collect moisture and result in skin irritations with rash or fungal infections.


There are many ways to handle a large abdomen. The best result comes from surgery with weight loss. If the skin quality is good and excess is only in the fat then liposuction alone will likely be enough.

Abdominoplasty is offered to people who not only has excess fat but also excess skin in the abdomen. For stretch marks, abdominoplasty often times is the only effective way to remove them for women after giving birth. During the procedure, the loosened abdominal fascia can also be tightened internally to give the patient an hour-glass shaped waistline.

SURGical approacheS

Step 1. Identify the excess area.

Step 2. Recognize the degree of muscle laxity underneath.

Step 3. Excise the excess skin and fat and repair the loosened muscles underneath.

Step 4. Re-approximate the opened area to hide the incision in the Bikini line.


Z, 33, Hispanic

Z is a 33 year-old mother whose abdomen could not return to her pre pregancy state. After consultation, abdominoplasty was performed in conjunction with umbilical hernia repair, left accessory breast tissue removal and body liposuction. Her incision is well hidden and her stretch marks in the lower abdomen were removed.


*Individual results may vary.

N, 42, Caucasian

N is a mother of two and was referred to me through her friends. She was most concerned about her protuberant belly. She has tried exercises and diet but was unable to reach the body shape she wanted. To repair both the muscle separation and give her the flat abdomen she wanted, abdominoplasty with a focus on body liposuction was done.


*Individual results may vary.

S, 36, Caucasian

S is a physician himself. He had gone through cycles of weight gain and weight loss in the past 10 years. This has caused him tremendous mental distress because of the body image he hoped to obtain. After considering all the surgical options and his current condition and goal, liposuction with abdominoplasty was done.


*Individual results may vary.

P, 34, Hispanic

P is a mother of two. She would like to regain her pre-pregnancy body shape and wear her bikini again. Liposuction and abdominoplasty with a low bikini line incision was designed for her. She was very happy with her result and quickly got tanned from the beach after surgery!


*Individual results may vary.

N, 42, Caucasian

N came to see me mainly because of the protuberant belly that persisted since childbirth. She complains that she still looks like 6 months pregnant. On exam, her large belly was mainly from the separation of muscles from multiple large pregnancies. To give her the best result possible, only a very small amount of body liposuction was done and surgery was focused on repairing the separated muscle underneath.


*Individual results may vary.

W, 62, Asian

W works as a nurse in New York. She moved to the USA from Taiwan many years ago. She came to me for desire of having a youthful abdomen body back. Her main complaint is the wrinkled abdomen and the lack of waistline curve.


*Individual results may vary.

Y, 45, Caucasian

Y came to my clinic with the main concern of a bad scar from her previous C section. Her C section scar was obliquely orientated and resulted in a fatty roll hanging over the scar. She also had a small umbilical hernia found on physical exam. Her scar line was shifted to be hidden under her underwear, extra fat roll was removed and her umbilical hernia was repaired at the same time.


*Individual results may vary.


A, 33, Female, New York, USA

“It has been nearly 4 months since my Tummy Tuck procedure with you and I’ve never felt (or looked) better! I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. Having lost over 130 pounds, my journey now feels complete.

You put my mind at ease about the surgery from the minute I met you. From the consultation to the surgery and even months later, I knew I was in good hands. You always gave me your time in describing every part of the journey and everything happened exactly how you said it would. You were always very responsive to any questions or concerns that I had.

I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism and warmth you and your staff have displayed to me. Your personal service, attention and follow up made me so glad I chose you as my surgeon. I cannot imagine having any other surgeon perform my procedure and I will highly recommend everyone to you.”


Every Procedure should be tailored to the individual. Come in for a consultation and find an approach unique for you.

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