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Anti-aging is a general term now being used to describe a whole spectrum of minimally invasive non-surgical treatments.


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  • Time: 30 mins or less
  • Local Anesthesia


  • May return to work right away


  • Avoid sun exposure after laser procedures, no facial massage after injections

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Anti-aging is a term that is thrown around by the media worldwide. It is now a generic term that encompasses all non- or minimally- invasive procedures or products that rejuvenate the skin. As we age, everything descends and becomes droopy but when the amount of drop is not severe, minimal invasives like filler and butulinum toxin can camouflage the aging changes. The advantage of non-invasive procedures is less down time and it is beneficial for people who are scared of undergoing surgery. It is also useful as a touch up after surgical rejuvenation procedures to improve the contour, reduce residual wrinkles, and improve the overall skin quality.

Dr. William Lao is a top plastic surgeon specializing in anti-aging in NYC.


There are more and more non-invasives on the market now for various purposes. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Botulinum toxins: It lessens wrinkles by reducing muscle contracture and prevents the dynamic lines like wrinkles around the eye (crow’s feet), forehead (frown lines), and glabella lines. It relies on the expertise of the injector to use the right amount of medication, too much or too little both creates undesirable effects.
  • Fillers: The most common filling materials now are Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Autologous Fat. HA is the most commonly used filler because of its readily availability. There are a few different formulas that vary in its particles size and bonding which dictate their longevity in the tissue injected. Fillers are most useful for static lines like the nasolabial folds and deep furrows. It can also be used to fill depression and give a soft curvature to the face. The best result is often from a combination of both filler and botulinum toxin.
  • Resurfacing Laser / Chemical Peel: ablative lasers like CO2 or erbium laser and chemical peel like TCA peel are effective ways to resurface and improve the overall texture of the skin. It acts by providing a controlled burn to the skin and stimulating regeneration of collagen and removing fine wrinkles.

There are more and more popular non-invasives on the market now. Not every treatment is indicated for everyone and every condition. The best and smartest use of these non-invasives should be discussed and consulted with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Other non-invasive treatments in our clinic include:

  • Ulthera
  • Ruby Red
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • CO2 Laser
  • Erbium Laser
  • Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal
  • Fraxel Laser
  • Nd:Yag Laser


N, 40, Flight Attendant, Caucasian, New York, USA

N is a 40 year old female, mother of two. She works as a flight attendant and has to constantly fly in and out of New York. She often complains the dry air and constant sun radiation that age her skin and form wrinkles prematurely. For maintenance, every few months when she stops over in New York she visits my clinic to receive treatments for her crow’s feet and nasolabial folds and tear trough. She does not want any surgical procedures at this point and is extremely satisfied with the less invasive injections.

Highly Intellectual

I had the great fortune to meet with Dr. Lao to address some issues with my skin and a couple other plastic surgery concerns I had. Not only is he very qualified and evidently highly intellectual, he exuded warmth, graciousness and gentleness. I was extremely pleased with my procedure and will without question be happy to recommend him.


Every surgical procedure and aesthetic treatment we offer is specifically tailored to satisfy the unique needs of the individual. When you come in for a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Lao, he can find the perfect aesthetic approach that provides you with your ideal results.