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N, 40, Flight Attendant, Caucasian, New York, USA

“I had the great fortune to meet with Dr. Lao to address some issues with my skin and a couple other plastic surgery concerns I had. Not only is he very qualified and evidently highly intellectual, he exuded warmth, graciousness and gentleness. I was extremely pleased with my procedure and will without question be happy to recommend him.”

M, 59, Housewife, Hispanic, Bronx, USA


“My name is MR. I had liposuction around my abdominal area and fat grafting to my hips, hands, and feet with Dr. W. Lao. I was very comfortable in trusting him with my surgery. I truly recommend anybody to him 100%. My experience with him was great and satisfying that it went well and I’m so happy to have done it with him.”

Huan, Male 5 star Google Review
“Removed a few fatty tumor on arms and body, dr. lao was very thoughtful, from playing music to make me relax and keep the conversation going while operating…excellent skills, workmanship and follow up”

Steph, 5 Star Google Review

“I went to Dr. Lao for two surgeries last year and am highly satisfied by my experience both times. He ensured my comfort from the very first consultation and helped me to make informed decisions about my surgeries by laying out the available options and helping me understand each step of the process, including potential differences in results and side-effects.

Dr. Lao is friendly and approachable, while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. This helped to put me at ease during every consultation and in the lead up to the surgeries themselves. He took the time to listen to my questions and answer them in-depth, both during our consultations as well as the follow-up appointments after my surgeries. He also went above and beyond, making himself available to answer my questions even outside of our scheduled appointments. This was of great assistance to me, as he was available to check in with regarding minor complications that arose during recovery.

I told Dr. Lao that I wanted to look “like myself, but better” and the result was exactly what I was hoping for. With his attention to detail, eye for aesthetics and steady hand, he gave me results that look completely natural. In my day to day life, people don’t even realise I have had work done unless I mention it.”

Hudson, 5 Star Google Review

“Thank you so much to Dr. Lao. His work is great and he went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable and happy before, during and after the procedure. Would recommend him to everyone!”

Lina, Female 5 Star Google Review

“Very patient and experienced plastic surgeon. I definitely recommend him to everyone.”

Yvonne, Female 5 Star Google Review

“Doctor Lao is highly knowledgeable in his expertises. He thoroughly and patiently walks through aspects of the procedures and provides his points of views on how to make modifications that suits my specific needs and look. I highly recommend Dr. Lao.”

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